Dark Imperium

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this set is a two player starter box and it contains 12 six-sided dice, 280-page core rulebook, a 24-page on the Primars Space Marines, a 24-page book on the Deathguard, 53 easy to build plastic Citadel miniatures

Primars Space Marines 

1 Primaris Space Marine Captain, 2 Primaris Space Marine Lieutenants, 1 Primaris Space Marine Ancient,  2 5-man Primaris Space Marine Intercessor Squads, 3-man Primaris Space Marine Inceptor Squad,  5-man Primaris Space Marine Hellblaster Squad

Death Guard

1 Death Guard Lord of Contagion, 1 Death Guard Noxious Blightbringer, 1 Death Guard Malignant Plaguecaster, 7 Death Guard Plague Marines, 1 Death Guard Foetid Bloat-drone, 20 Death Guard Poxwalkers